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TANY MENA TOURS is a receptive tour operator in Madagascar. We organize bespoke tours for individuals and small groups in all regions of the big Island. Since 1997, we have been collaborating closely with Malagasy association working on culture, education and environmental protection Our field experience and our meetings have led us to develop activities in the field of rural tourism and accommodation lodging (gîte). We find working together with villagers is crucial for an equitable and sustainable local development For some years we try to convince and involve our partners in this approach around several sustainable development project aiming for a responsible and « intelligent » tourism


Health development in the valley of Ifasy

Organisation of theatrical toous, circus and workshops

Project 2009

Setting up a stopover gite and an educatioanl farm

Our main association partners



Located in the  north of Madagascar at the foot of Tsaratanana massif, the highest peak of the Big Island, the Ifasy valley offers landscapes of great beauty, dense vegetation and endemic wealth, a must for bird watchers and naturalists or simply for nature lovers and contacts with the population. During our hikes done with Vagabondages group, we found a real lack of healthcare system and health professionals are missing. In collaboration with several chiefs of village we have set up a program: to provide the public dispensary of the village close to the highway with medical equipment and medicines; establish in collaboration with the two main hospitals of the region( Ambanja and Ambilobe) an intervention calendar of physicians, nurses, Malagasy specialists at the public dispensary; inform this calendar to the villages in the valley. Tany mena Tours role is to help in the organization of this calendar and to finance the travelling expenses and fees of the health professionals. 

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For the trekking season , we have set up  in collaboration with the Malagasy theatre company ZOLOBE, a theatrical tour in Ifasy valley in the north of Madagascar.
Hikers, accompanied by the theater company will hike together for four days in the valley.  Every evening a representation will be performed in host villages. The performances will be with many themes of "Angano" tales and legends of the valley.
We use the same concept for the circus troupe, and sometimes we mix the two discipline to the delight of the spectators.
Workshop and training of theatre, circus performance and making musical instruments are held with village children in the valley

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Tany Mena Tours is in charge of the management of a hotel with 47 rooms in the coastal city of Antsiranana(Diégo Suarez), north of Madagascar. The hotel is located in the heart of the city, in the quarter of the big indoor market and mosques of Indian and Comorian. The most authentic part of the city.
Still in the same scope of sustainable tourism we are setting up a new kind of accommodation called alternative by combining charm comfort and cultural centre. The rooms arrangement is done by using the know-how of local skillful artisans, custom-made furniture for each room made by Eucalyptus and mimosas, all accessories for each room( rug, curtains, bedspread, wall lamp, candlestick, frame...)come from Malagasy workshops, we will hire for each area the best artisan in his field and will focus on finishing.
The hotel design let us to have a large exhibition gallery, each exhibition finds its natural continuation in each room. On the top floor, a covered terrace furnished  with a comfortable lounge hosts fiction film projection directed by Malagasy, African, Asian authors and documentaries. This chill-out place features a library.
The hotel has a team to ease the connection between guests and locals( associations, traders).
These actions are the result of a real partnership involving Tany Mena Tours, many local and external partners and contribute in this respect to the development of responsible tourism and "intelligent".
We aim to work with new partners, thus promoting the success and sustainability of existing shares.

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This gite is located in the region of Sambaina( central highlands): in collaboration with villagers and to accommodate our hikers, we have built at the foot of Ankaratra massif a stopover gite with redbrick traditional architecture and can accommodate up to 10 people ( rooms with four bunk beds) and a camping area with ten tents sites equipped with mattresses and blankets. The site has two bathrooms with showers and modern toilets.
A living area that can accommodate thirty people was designed for dining, meetings and educational time. The gite lodging  hosts also children from cities through school trips, letting them discover the rural world. It gives an opportunity to  raise their awareness of ecology and knowledge of their natural and cultural heritage, framed by Malagasy professionals.
We have chosen this site because it constitutes the starting point for visitors, hikers or not, of excursions and itinerants tours inside the Ankaratra and Vavavato massifs. You will discover the rural life of these mountain dwellers and to enjoy local farm produce(visit of villages, meeting with blacksmiths and farmers... ). Ankaratra and Vavavato massifs richness's are the various animist pilgrimages( sacred sites)which will take place along the southern winter.(rites and ceremonies)

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- ASSOCIATION MIABO (Promotion and development of equitable  handicraft  in Antananarivo Region in the fields of weaving, ironwork and zebu`s horn).
- ASSOCIATION RAVAKA (Association of villagers developing rural tourism and accommodation in holiday cottage in  Vakinankaratra region ).
- ASSOCIATION MITSINJO (Management of one part of Mantadia park in Andasibe by villagers, reforestation and guiding tour for visitors).
- ASSOCIATION HOMME et ENVIRONNEMENT (Conservation of the natural environment, essential oils distilleries, nurseries. East Region forest corridor of Vohimana and Vohibola)
- O.N.G FANAMBY (Ecotourism development, advocacy, conservation. Anjozorobe highlands site. Kirindy middle -west site. Daraina North Site)
- ASSOCIATION KIVANJA (Rural tourism development: creation of eco-tourist lodge and educational farms; field trip).
- ASSOCIATION AMBRE (Historical and cultural heritage development  and reorganization of Diego Suarez city).
- ONG BEL AVENIR (development of pedagogic project in collaboration with  local schools, lodging and reinsertion centre for homeless people. South -West Region).
- ASSOCIATION LA MATERNELLE (Education: Nursery school for children from Ramena village. North Region)
- ASSOCIATION ZOLOBE (Musical theatre troupe which performs sensitization show; campaign to promote literacy, HIV sida, tales and legends).
- LES ALEAS DU POSSIBLE Circus company from Antananarivo. Circus course training in the popular quarters of the capital city, and aim for creation of circus schools in other regions of Madagascar.
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