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Famadihana (retournement des Morts)

Alahamadibe (le Nouvel an malgache)



Tsangatsengy (Cérémonie de possession)

Le Grand pèlerinage de l’Ankaratra

Photoana, Biennale de la photographie en Océan indien

Madajazzcar Festival International de jazz

Donia, festival de Nosy Be







FFamadihana (Turning of the Dead)

To become an Ancestor watching over the living, a Malagasy must be "returned" at least once after his death.

This custom consists of taking the body of the deceased out of his grave, and covering it with new shrouds. It is an occasion for great family celebrations, and a troupe of Hira Gasy is invited to animate this rite which can last 3 days and which takes place every year.

Period: Every year, in June, July, August and September

Region: Highlands of the Malagasy Center


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Alahamadibe (Malagasy New Year)

Following the lunar calendar, this ceremony is celebrated during the month of Aries. It takes place on the sacred hill of Ambohimanga, animist religious capital. We proceed to the immolation of a sacred zebu, and we ask for the blessing of the gods and the Ancestors for the new year to come. Period: February-March Region: Antananarivo

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C’est une cérémonie de circoncision collective qui a lieu tous les sept ans. Tous les garçons du Sud-Est de Madagascar se font circoncire selon des rites bien établis.
La circoncision est une tradition immémoriale, et adaptée au climat chaud et humide de l’île, par ailleurs un homme n’est homme qu’une fois circoncis. Ce rite assure également l’inhumation dans le tombeau ancestral.
Période : tous les sept ans - Région : Mananjary (Sud-Est)

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This ancestral religious ceremony, also called "Bath of the Relics", pays tribute to the deceased kings of western Madagascar. It consists in washing the relics of the king placed in a horn of zebu, this to mark and bless the new season to come. This rite is spread over several days, and is a great celebration in this region of Madagascar. Period: once a year, in July - Region: Majunga (West)

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Tsangatsengy (Ceremony of Possession)

Whether to solve conflicts, or to invoke an illustrious ancestor, or to know the history of their ancestors, the Antakarana, tribe of northern Madagascar, resort to the tromba ceremony, or trance. The spirit invoked (the deceased king) takes up residence in the body of the possessed, who goes into a trance, and the ceremony can then begin. This religious event brings together all the tromba of Northern Madagascar. Period: every four years - Region: Ambilobe (North)

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The Great Pilgrimage of Ankaratra

Every year, pilgrims from around Antsirabe, peasants, come to practice a ritual route to the three largest animist sites of the highlands: Manjakatompo, Nanohazana and Jiromena. These sites are located in the wild, in wild places, preserved by their sacred nature of civilization. For a week, sacrifices are practiced there, as well as incantations and requests for blessing. Period: Every year, in June Region: Ankaratra Massif (Center)

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Photoana, Indian Ocean Photography Biennale

A cultural event of international stature, it is the meeting place for amateur and professional photographers. Disseminated in the capital, the halls and exhibition halls are open to the public and offer faces of Madagascar of yesterday and today. It is also a discovery of the Indian Ocean and other countries participating in the festival through photos ranging from black and white to free contemporary forms of expression. Period: May-June, Region: Antananarivo

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Madajazzcar International Jazz Festival

A true musical event, this annual jazz festival is the meeting point for more than 15 years of Malagasy and international artists. The concept is to organize concerts that introduce local jazz talents, and invite world-renowned artists to perform in the Island. The festival lasts a week, and concerts are held throughout the city, indoor and outdoor. Period: October - Region: Antananarivo

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Donia, Nosy Be festival

This is the Music Festival of the Islands of the Indian Ocean. It takes place every year on the island of Nosy Be and invites all artists to express themselves for four days. Every night of the evenings - concert, and the day of the sporting, social and cultural animations. Do not miss: the opening carnival, famous for its colors. Period: May-June - Region: Nosy be (North) Back to top

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